Renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Competitive energy price and green sourcing

Renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Competitive energy price and green sourcing

The costs of producing electricity from various sources are changing rapidly. Energy from utility-scale solar plants has declined its generation cost by 86% since 2009, wind energy has achieved a 66% cost reduction in the same period.

It is safe to say renewables are already the most competitive energy source available. There is a way corporates can benefit from this new scenario, and it is by purchasing electricity long term directly to a solar/wind power plant –in other words, subscribing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). In an era of energy uncertainty, and rising prices for both electricity and renewable energy certificates (GOs), a Corporate PPA offers the opportunity to hedge and thereby manage long term pricing risk.


 Most competitive energy price available

 Protect yourself from volatile CO2 and power prices

 Your contract is safe against unilateral cancellation

 Take control of your energy supply chain

 Reduce your indirect GHG emissions

 Make a lasting difference by backing the creation of a new renewable power plant



  Bring renewable projects from third parties suitable for a PPA with your demand profile

  Competitive processes to get for you the best value out of potential renewable bidders

  Assistance to negotiation in PPA contracts with renewable projects

Get in touch with us to find the PPA scheme and underlying power plant that fits you best.

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