Change the
20 years
in the carbon market
industrials worldwide
20+ million
tonnes of co2 reduced
1+ billion
credits traded
offset projects

How act on climate

Corporate carbon neutrality can be achieved through 3 key steps. It starts from measuring a carbon footprint, to find the amounts and sources of GHG emissions. Second step is to mitigate/reduce as much as possible by implementing emission reduction strategies. In the end, the part of the emissions, that can not be reduced can be compensated for by investing in emission reduction projects somewhere else in the world, where the reduction is still possible and financially more efficient.

About Vertis 2050

Vertis 2050 is dedicated to help industrials and other corporations with the transition to the low carbon economy. Industrials across Europe emit over 1.8 billion tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere every year. In order to keep the global warming below 2 Degrees Celsius increase, 50-70% GHG emission reduction has to be achieved. For industrials, this however brings many technological and economical barriers that have to be addressed. At Vertis we help our clients solve these issues by providing credible solutions in renewable energy, energy efficiency, carbon consultancy, green finance and voluntary carbon offsetting.