Change the
20 years
in the carbon market
industrials worldwide
20+ million
tonnes of co2 reduced
1+ billion
credits traded
offset projects

How act on climate

Corporate carbon neutrality can be achieved through 3 key steps. It starts from measuring a carbon footprint, to find the amounts and sources of GHG emissions. Second step is to mitigate/reduce as much as possible by implementing emission reduction strategies. In the end, the part of the emissions, that can not be reduced can be compensated for by investing in emission reduction projects somewhere else in the world, where the reduction is still possible and financially more efficient.

About Vertis 2050

Our mission is to inspire and empower businesses to make the transition to a low carbon economy. Vertis Environmental Finance has 20 years of experience in the global carbon markets with over 1,300 clients worldwide. Vertis has traded over 1 billion carbon credits and allowances and mitigated over 20 million tonnes of CO2e. In terms of experience and execution Vertis is one of the market leaders in all things carbon related. Vertis2050 offers a solutions-based approach for companies to act on climate change. It is aimed at industrial corporations who want to go beyond compliance obligations or for companies who are seeking to integrate sustainability into their business. We are looking for industry leaders, who are willing to take radical climate action, who embrace disruptive and innovative business models and who are committed to accelerate the climate action.